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My Funeral/ After Death Plans

Before I start let me just say dont worry I dont plan on offing myself anytime soon. So dont take this as a bad sign. I just like to be prepared for when I am gone.

My family prob wont honor my wishes and thats fine but I hope they do. Heres what I want to happen.

What I want to happened to my body

Also this is important


I have a list in order of what I want. So if the first cant be done move on to the second and so on.

1) Viking Funeral: I know I am not viking but I want to be wrapped up in anything as long as it burns put in a row boat doesed with flammable substance set a drift and burnt. Leaving my body where it lay.

2) Karma Burial: I was a meat eater and ate dead animals. So when I die I want to complete the circle. Feed my body to the animals. Allowing me to give back

3 Cremation: Basic

My funeral

(If possible dont have one. Just get rid of my body no social gathering after. I don’t like socializing or being at social gathering now in life I dont want to be at a social gathering in death)

But if you must since thats social protocol then hear are my wish

Song playing= "Sound of Silence" Simon and Garfunkel

First No Religious sermons. If you do then I want old testament I am not a new peace loving god believers

Second. If your going to make a speech be honest dont lie about who I was. Don’t say I was nice, dont say I was friendly, I am a lazy sack of crap. I know you know it, say it haha.

Prayer Card2.jpg Prayer Card.jpg Pray Card Option #1 Pray Card Option #2

What I want to be burned with

I recall when people die there loved ones put things in the box with them before either bariul or cremation. I already know what I want

-My pillow, my aunt knows which I am talking about-

-Coins, A dollar bill (I did that for someone I would like the favor for me, and lets say Charon exists I like to be able to say YES I HAVE A COIN FOR YOU)-

-My ski mask put on then my jason mask-

-My logo either on flag draped over or a paper