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In movies/tv the topic is important but so is whos in it.

Here are my favorite celebrities that not only I like to watch/but try to collect there work


- Angelina Jolie-

- Megan Fox-

- Pamela Anderson-

- Sarah Michelle Geller-

- Neve Campbell-

- Fairuza Balk-

-Milla Jovovich-


- Gary Busey-

- Larry the Cable Guy-

- Leslie Nielson-


When deciding to watch a  movie I tend to go for certain criteria:

-Genre: I like horror, superhero, bad comedies, Naked Celebs(Being honest)


Plus More

But here are a few of my favorite movies (I can watch over and over again)


-Paranormal Activity Series-

-Friday the 13th Series-

-Nightmare on Elm Street Series-

-The Craft-

-Resident Evil-

TV Shows

Not going to lie. I have some on DVD I literally have scene 20 times.

I am a tv addict.

Here are some of my favorite shows


-The Walking Dead-


-The Simpsons-

-Family Guy-

-Married with Children-

-Days of Our Lives-

-Duck Dynasty


Not a big book reader but when I do find one I like I dont stop until I read the whole thing.

Here are the books I like and have read:

-Mostly All by the Duck Dynasty Crew-

- Officer Buckle & Gloria-

- Bram Stroker Dracula-

- Ripped From a Dream: The Nightmare on Elm Street Omnibus-

- Cujo-


Like and or have:


- Crazy Frog-

- Kiss-

- Ozzy Osbourne-

- Queen-

- Simon and Garfunkel-

- Blondie-

- The Fray-

- Sarah Mclachlan-


- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-

- I'm Just a kid-

- Sound of Silence-

- Times are a changin-

- Welcome to my life-

- Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)-

- Unforgetable-

- Gangsta Paradise-

- How to save a life-

Video Games

-GTA Series-


Movie Quotes

Rachel 2: Because they can point at some event in your past and say that's the reason you lost your sanity. So that when they

commit you here, your friends and colleagues will say 'of course he cracked. Well, who wouldn't after what he'd been through.'

Rachel 2: Once you're declared insane, and anything you do is called part of that insanity. Reasonable protests are 'denial'. Valid fears 'paranoia'.

Shutter Island


Yeah? How? The more you try to act sane, the crazier you start to look. If you smile too much, you're delusional or stifling hysteria.

If you don't smile, you're depressed. If you're neutral you're emotionally withdrawn and potentially catatonic. If we're insane, nobody

has to listen to us. I mean, who are you going to believe, some crazy woman trying to destroythe integrity of the force, or a police

officer? Then once they get us in here, we either learn to behave, and shut up, or -- (beat) Or you don't go home...or you go home

like that.


Anaconda 2: We're in the middle of the jungle Jack, at this point your authority is what we say it is.

TV Quotes

Television Quotes

RED: "Now don't worry, I'm simply gonna ask him how the hell he's gonna fix this economy!"

KITTY: "Oh, honey, he wouldn't know that, he's the President!"

Thats 70'S Show

Family Guy Dog Gone

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