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Current Month: February 2018

Th2/1/2018- Made coffee around 8 took a nap woke around 2:30pm didnt do much. For dinner had pizza watched DOOL Didnt sleep

Fr2/2/2018: Didnt sleep. As it had snowed after I made coffee Carol and I did the front driveway around 6:30 were back around 7. I took a nap around 8 woke around 4. For dinner I made macaroni and meat with mushrooms and spinach watched DOOL then CRIMINAL MINDS then LAW AND ORDER SVU. Fell asleep around 3am.

Sa2/3/2018: Woke around noon didnt do muhc. For dinner had leftovers watched HAWAII 5-0 then BLUE BLOODS Fell asleep around 3am

Su2/4/2018: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY Woke around 2:30am Had coffee and nugget for brunch. Then watched HUNTING HITLER, Didnt do much. Watched SUPER BOWL LII from 6:45 to 8:30 had dinner then watched from 10 to 10:30 conrats to the Eagles. Didnt sleep.

M2/5/2018: Today was not a good day at all, went up stairs around 6 made coffee around 6:30 Carol got up mentioned how Barnaby wasnt doing good, I saw him laying under the chairs I wanted to see if he would get up. And he wasnt moving. Carol expected and yep Barnaby was gone, he died in his sleep Carol called Jon and Sue to tell them. Then I put him in a sheet in a bag and in carols trunk. I know its not the most respectful thing but Carol was going to take him to the vets to get cremated after work. He had cancer for awhile and now hes in peace. Even though at times he was a pain in the neck I hope and he and all my pets know they are loved. This is the third dead body I had to move, first Zeus, then my father and now barnaby. Honestly it doesnt get easier, After Carol left I took a nap from 11am-4pm I got up Carol came home. I made ravioli so for dinner I had a miz of ravioli and the end of my macaroni. Watched DOOL then BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Didnt sleep.

Tu2/6/2018: Around 6 made coffee then found out carol didnt even need to get up early. So yeah. Anyway watched CSI for a little while around 10am took a nap woke around 2:30pm. Carol went to work came home late around 11pm so for dinner I made an omelet watched DOOL then BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Fell asleep around 3am

W2/7/208: I keep having weird experience its like I had part of dream but then woke up before it was done and it effected me in the real world. Like I dremt someone kicked me, and as soon as they did I awoke and my leg flinched. Weird. Anyway woke around 2am, didnt do much. Carol didnt go in as it had snowed and it was icy, so for dinner I made pancakes and started watching DOOL but I couldnt finish the dogs drove me out sometimes they get so irritatiing I just need to leave before I do something so I did. Fell asleep around 3am

Th2/8/2018: Woke around 7:30 the printer still didnt work I feel like a fucking failure. But oh well ,anyway around 10 I watched DOOL and NCIS and then NCIS NOLA. Had lunch took a nap from 1pm-5pm just tired. After watched HUNTING HITLER, Then MARVEL AGENTS OF SHIELD Didnt sleep

Fr2/9/2018: Made coffee around 6 took a nape from 8am- 2pm Didnt do much for dinner had Pizza watched DOOL Then LAW AND ORDER, Didnt sleep.

Sa2/10/2018:  Made coffee around 6 didnt do much.  For dinner Carol bought home italion. Had 3 steak rolls. Didnt sleep.

Su2/11/2018: Didnt sleep, made coffee, didnt take a nap all day so kind of groutchy I feel bad for my aunt. Any way for dinner had pizza. Fell asleep aroun 12am.

M2/12/2018: Woke around 6am made coffee, Carol left for work around 8 I made pancakes and watched CSI took a nap from 12pm to 4pm. Didnt do much. For dinner made tortellinies, Carol finished work late around 11pm I feel like shit for not doing anything. Anyway watched DOOL fell asleep around 4am

T2/13/2018: Woke around 4pm late. Didnt do much. Carol came home late around 10 for dinner had leftovers, watched DOOL Fell asleep around 4am

W2/14/2018: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: Woke around 5pm late, Carol left for work cleaned the yard. Around 7:30 made cake. Carol came home around 9 with italion 4 steak rools. She had half of one, and I say half of one because she didnt like it as it was too soft and to greasy plus baily stole the other one haha. But I enjoy it. Watched DOOL didnt sleep

Th2/15/2018: Made coffee watched CSI till noon around 2 took a short nap. Woke around 5. Carol came home around 9:30pm with italion. So watched DOOL Fell asleep around 1.

Fr2/16/2018: Woke around 6 made coffee. Around 1 took nape woke around 5 Carol came home. She had boughten bagels and some things. So while watching DOOL I had sandwich, I had chopliver sandwich and a seafood sandwich yum. But around the last one I broke my tooth, the back of the bottom middle right one to be exact so yeah. Fell asleep around 1am

Sa2/17/2018: Woke around 9 had coffee didnt do much. Carol left for work around 3:30 it began snowing. Took a nap around 5 big mistake. Around 7:20 Carol got into a minor accident, as the roads were slippery she spun out hitting a guard rale and ended in a ditch. But I didnt know I was asleep. When I awoke around 8:30 I listened to the messages and did the driveway. Carol was driven home by the cops as her car was I assume towed.  So at 10 I made dinner which was macaroni and cheese. I fell asleep around 1am

Su2/18/2018: Woke around 9 had coffee didnt do much. Took a nap from 2-5:30. For dinner made macaroni and meat, Carol come home around 9:30, she said her day was terrible she had ageda with the crush yesterday and all the stress of life I told her its understandable. I fell asleep around 11.

M2/19/2018: Woke around 6 made coffee. After Carol left around 8 I made pancakes. I didnt do much. Carol came home around 10:30pm had leftovers watched DOOL feel asleep around 12am.

Tu2/20/2018: Woke around 8 had coffee, Carol went for a job interview had omelot then mixed it in with crackers. Around 6pm took a nap, woke around 8:50pm made Carols meat only to recall she had some leftover then got a text she bringing home italion so theres that. She came home, I was in a fowl mood so after dinner was done went down stairs. Fell asleep around 12:30am

W2/21/2018: Woke around 7:30am had coffee didnt do much