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Roger Salink's Death and Funeral

The will be hard to read for some. But the way I grieve is I like to remember not Just the good but also the bad because death is

his funeral was like and also my eulogy or how pay tribute to a great man who had fallen. I dont know if this will help anyone but it

helps me to remember. If I made a mistake please tell me


My fathers Passing

Chris was home all day and knew his fathers car was in driveway but he thought that he was with his Aunt. Now he doesn’t know

why he didn’t call to find out. Around 3:30 came Carol came home she asked Chris where his father was. At first he said I thought

he was with you. But Carol said, “NO”. Carol was worried he didn’t answer his cell phone. She knocked on the door but no answer

she then tried to open it but it was hard since Roger but a piece of wood against the door like Chris showed him. Chris was on the

Rogers dead.” Chris just thought she couldn't’t get the door open so he ran down. But the door was open. Carol was down stairs

and Chris came in and saw his father who had fallen between the sofa and the trash can. They went upstairs and Carol called 911.

While doing she told Chris to call Joanne. He did then Carol said Go outside and wait for the ambulance. While outside Carol with

the cordless said Did you perform CPR Chris said he didn’t know how. Chris went down and his aunt did to and She said, “Heres

the phone the guy will guide you how to do CPR. She gave the phone to Chris and left. Chris said where you going but she still

went up. Chris talked on the phone the man told him to lift him up. Chris lifted him up and he could see he was gone first his

tongue was out and purble/ blue. Second his face had marks on it so you could tell he fell between because the trash can made a

mark. Also he was in rigamortis. Chris told the guy its too late hes gone. The paramedics and Police showed up quick and so did

Joanne. The paramedics asked where the victim or Chris’s father was he told them downstairs they went  to check him out. The

cops where upstairs. JoAnne went in my parents room to try and get a hold of Mom but no luck. The dogs were wild. Chris put Taz

and Myshka outside and he put Cujo  either in his room or with Nick in his parents room with Jo. Then Marie came since Carol

called her and Jon Thomas was with her then Mark showed up and then Elaine and Paula. The police asked Chris a few question

like how long was he gone, what meds did he take, and where and who was his doctors. He  answered all the question then they

asked anyone else they should contact. They all said Janet Rogers wife. No one knew her work number and she didn’t answer her

were cops or paramedics to go inside so mom would get suspicious so me and Carol where out. Mom came home and parked

Chris said, “Dads gone.” She was shocked she asked, “How?” Chris told her how. Then the paramedics asked if she wanted to see

the body she said yes. Mom went down and saw. Then the Coroner came and we waited for the funeral home. Meanwhile Chris

tried calling his relatives but no answer. So he asked his mother if he could email since it was important. She said go ahead. So he

sent a message titled Rest in Peace Roger Salink  The message was “I am sorry to contact you through email but I couldn't find

your number. I have bad news Roger Walter Salink Died on April 6, 2012. Rest in Peace.” The first person to call was Roger sister

Mary. She said she was in the car with her daughter Candice when Candice told her mother to pull over she saw on her phone the

message. Mary then called because she was in disbelief. Chris explained what happened. Mary was crying.  Then the funeral

home came to take him out. They put him in a body bag and then on a gurney and brought him out and put him into the hearse.

The funeral director came and talked with Janet, Chris, Carol, and JoAnne. He explained what was going to happen and that they

should come to Par-Troy Funeral Home around 6 to talk more. He was nice.

At the funeral Home Friday 6-8

behind Carol. When we got there Chris got out and leaned against Jo's Van to fix his shoes because since it left quick his shoes

where Just slid on. So he had to redo the straps and he had to put his foot in. Then Carol rang the door and they told her only

once because she was going to ring twice. Ronald DiMaggio who was the Funeral Director and Owner was very nice. He told them

to have a seat and Chris sat but DiMaggio said he should pick another since the seat he was in was broken so Chris chose

another seat on one side. Mom, Carol, and Jo sat on the other. DiMaggio sat at the front and explained was going to happen. He

said that all the decisions where to be made by Janet and Chris since they where the next of Kin. So Janet and Chris had to

JoAnne went with Chris, Janet and Carol to the funeral home. She drove Carol was next to her.Chris sat  behind Jo and Janet was

decide what to do. They decided to have him cremated before the ceremony for two reasons dad would have wanted that and it

was cheaper. Then they had to decide what kind of prayer cards. Janet chose the front image and Chris chose the prayer it was

“Our Father” Then Ron asked the family if they wanted the Daily Record to run an obituary. Janet didn’t know but Chris said yes.

So Ron asked them about his life. Where he worked where'd he lived who was in his family and then where should people make

donations. The family said the elks since Roger was a member. Ron also asked if anyone knew Rogers SS Chris knew since he

entered it multiple times for his father on unemployment. Then Ron said if anyone wants to see him one last time. They all did so

Ron showed them where Roger was. They walked into the display room and Roger was gurney covered in a white cloak except for

his head. Carol kissed him and so Did Janet. Chris kissed his fingers and place it on his fathers head. Then Ron along with Carol

and Jo left. Janet and Chris needed more time. They talked about Roger and then left. They went back to the main room. Ron told

them that they might want to get Rogers cars title changed before the death notices went out. A couple more words where said

and then they left. When they got home there where a lot of messages.

Sunday Carol, Janet and Chris drove to Par Troy with some items to put it with Roger before he would be cremated. They were one hat that said

"Where the hell is my Senior Discount" and two pictures The first was of Janet, Roger, Janet Aunt Selma and Carol. The next was of Roger, Janet

and Chris

Monday we viewed him getting cremated

Carol, Janet and Chris were all waiting for the call. Around 12:15 Par Troy Called Chris picked up. They told him that they

should be there around 12:45. Chris told his mother and Aunt. They left around 12:30. They parked behind the hearse.

Carol told Janet to go in and tell them they were here. She did then she came out. A minute or two later the Director

came out and explained again we wont be seeing Roger body but to follow the hearse. They did and in Ironic twist while

following they heard "You'll never find a love like Mine." by Lou Rawls. On the way back they heard "One" Three dog

night. When they got to the crematorium. The driver said he will pull around back and told the family to park in the front

and he will get them when hes ready. About five minutes later he came out and said to come in. They did they walked in

and there was what looked like a refrigerator box butt with ribbons and Salink name on the front. The man left and Chris

said a prayer. The Our fathers prayer. They said a prayer one last time and left. Carol later stated she was glad they

said a prayer and it felt better. They drove home but not before getting gas. They dropped Chris off and left. Then

JoAnne called and Asked Chris if he could help set up for the funeral since people would be stopping over at hers. He

knew his father would have wanted that so He did.

The Funeral

Around 3:30 Carol, Janet and Chris went to Joannes. Ellen, Rick, Jimmy and Mark where there. They all gave there condolsence.

then Linda and Ian then Aunt Mary along with Shane and Richard showed up. Around 5:30 Carol, Janet and Chris left to head for

the funeral. When they got there Chris was confused he asked the Director, “Where are my fathers ashes?” The director said, “In

the coffin we talked about this no one knows he cremated.” Chris had a shocked look he didn’t remember that it was a secret. Sue

met them there. They set up the photos and the many hats Roger Collected. Also Chris set up his computer slide show.  Around six

people started coming. Chris and his mother waited and greeted everyone who came to show there respects. It was a large crowed.

There where Rogers senior buddies, his bowling buddies and family. Also there where people who didn’t know Roger but payed

respects because they worked with Janet and Carol which is still nice. Janet left Chris to take a smoke so Jimmy, Mark and Rick

Starkey where by him. Besides greeting people they told stories. Then around seven the ceremony started everyone sat down.

Janet, Carol and Mary sat on one side in the front and Chris Jimmy and Mark sat on the other. The Elks whom Roger was a member

did a ceremony for there fallen brother. Then Chris did his eulogy. Then Carol, JoAnne, Mary, Shane on part of his mother Barbara,

Marie, Jon, Mark, Steve, Charlie then Janet. After it was over the family got together to take a picture. Then everyone said there

good buys. Chris was confused some wanted hand shakes where others wanted hugs. After everyone left Carol, Janet and Chris left

and went back to JoAnnes.  Aunt Mary and her gang couldn’t since she was feeling good they drove back to her house. Many

people went back to there homes but The sibilias along with Mark, Sophie went to JoAnnes they where there a couple hours.

Everyone ate except Chris he wasn’t hungrywant people there. But his family didn't honor that they threw him what they believe to be a giant service. Chris could see his father in

heaven saying, "God Dammit I said I didn't want a big service so what do they do they throw me a big service." Janet said it was

revenge for dying unexpectedly.

My Eulogy For My Father

Thank you all for coming on April 6 2012 my father died

My father what can be said about my father. Well there are many

words I could use best-friend, listener, talker, life line those would all

be great but the word that keeps coming to my mind is dad. For I

could not have asked for a better one. He was there for me in many

ways both physically and mentally. I might not have been the easiest

son but he didn’t leave when things got tough he stuck it out. Always

the world. I wasn’t and still not a person who like to leave the house

and my father was the person I would ask to get something for me if I

needed it. But I believe I am not the only one. My father was that type

of man who did that for anyone. He was the type of person who would

walk through the fires of hell if someone asked him and he knew it

would help. No one who knew my father ever said a bad word about

him now me yeah sure a couple words could be said but my father no.

But the one thing that makes me sad besides his unfortunate passing

is that the one thing my father wanted more than anything was for

people close and far not to judge him on his wealth but his heart but

many people did. My father wasn’t rich like some but what he lacked

in money he made up for with love and devotion to all who where

around him. My father at times was my father who was stern and strict

and others was my best friend. On April 6,2012 I might have lost a

father but I also gained a guardian angel and where ever he is I know

he is staring down and watching. Also the only thing that makes me

go on is the knowing that when the day that it is my time to go I will

see him again.

want people there. But his family didn't honor that they threw him what they believe to be a giant service. Chris could see his father in

heaven saying, "God Dammit I said I didn't want a big service so what do they do they throw me a big service." Janet said it was

revenge for dying unexpectedly.

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Roger Salink

Born- September, 3 1946 Died April, 6 2012

Hair Color= Brown

Eye color=

Parents= Roger Sr and Helen

Spouse= Janet (1981- 2012