Health Care

Obama recently passed obamaca which he states will allow people health coverage and health insurers cant deny you for  previous alement.

What the people see- Its a good thing. People view it as a good thing because they wont break the bank if they get sick or need to see a doctor.

What I see- I knows others see this but what I see is

ITS NOT A RIGHT ITS MANDATORY- Making health insurance mandatory is not a right obama keeps saying. Because a right means I get to choose whether to invoke it or not no. Health insurance is a something forced down our throats and is actually against freedom since we cant choose. I mean yeah we can choose not to get healthy insurance but then Obama maid it so we get fined. So we have removed freedom and now in a monarch.

THEY NEED INFO- When someone lives off the radar but still with a job the gov has no control over you because your not on there radar. But with this new health care bill you will be forced into the matrix. The gov will know all your vidals what your strength and weakness are to use again you.

BIG BROTHER TEAMS UP WITH BIG BUSINESS FOR PROFIT- With many people jobless the gov and the insurance agencies are loosing revenue. So how do you fix that. They team up. The gov makes health care mandatory so you have to get a job to pay for the health insurance which puts money in both there pockets. Insurance goes in insurance agencie pockets. And taxs goes in the gov pocket. Also they created a fail safe if you dont have a job they will fine you so its like a double edge sword no matter what the gov will get money.

Human populations diverse and want different things. FREEDOM ->CHOICES->DIVERSITY->SEPARATE IDEAS->WAR->ANARCHY

Also the line from Different Strokes them song

"What might be right for you, may not be right for some. "

promises stricter gun regulation and abortion might be right for some but not others. So the reason governments aren't working is people realise that and want to

change it to there way but the people who like it dont want to. That is why America is failing.

The solution is two ways. Remove the people who dont want what you want. Or the logical answer. Do like the confederate wanted and let the states be there own

government so people who like different laws can follow them in different states

Most humans become corrupt when they get some sort of power/control over people

Besides freedom another reason most governments dont work is corruption. Most times when someone gains power he gets an ego boost which can be good but the

majority is bad. They see people who have less power as submissive and lazy. They start pushing there ideas which some dont like. Like the 2012 Republican

candidate MR. His whole life he never concerned about money or had to deal with poverty. So he corrupt in a mental way where his ideology is I am rich why Isnt

everyone else. Getting back to subject most people who work for the government from senators to cops believe they are above average citizens and that the common

citizen are stupid and down know how to behave

In Saw 6 John makes a great point. Why do we pay when we are sick. We should pay when we are well so that doctors don’t make money off of us when we are

sick but well. It would crate an opposite. They will make us better faster to make money. It might cost more but people will live longer because more cures would

be made.

So who is with me change the way we do business


Being healthy doesn't mean Happiness or Immortality.

In todays day and age many people are trying to get in shape even if it means cutting out the things you love like junk food and for

what to be healthy to live longer. Dont get me wrong being healthy is great but at what price. If you love junk food and avoiding it

making your life miserable is it really worth the price of happiness. Also being healthy doesn't mean immortality. Which means

eventually you'll be dead so what is the point of making your life miserable by avoiding food and exercising until your exhausted when

in the long run you just extending your life by at most 10years. You will eventually die and all your exercising and avoiding what you

love would be in vein. Thats why I eat what I want. I might be fat as hell but I enjoy it


Plan A

Get Rid of Medical Insurances

You pay your doctor an amount that has been established while your healthy but when you get sick you don’t pay until you get healthy. This way the doctors

are more inclined to treat you so they can get paid.

Arent we all technically Dying

I dont know why but for a week this has been going through my head. When someone who has a disease or something the doctors usally in a way say the person is

dying. I something explained. Even if you dont have a disease arent we all dying. I mean we will eventually dye whether it be now or in a few years or few decades but

our bodies are technically running out of time. Now just because that clock spead up due to cancer our clocks still run out so saying someone is dying is funny in a

dark humour sence since we are all dying.

My Thoughts and Experience with Suicide and Suicidal Thought

Humans believe that suicide is a bad thing. All it is is a release of pressure to an extreme life. If the life of the person gets bad

enough that he thinks about suicide then it is too late and the only one to handle it is the person. Some people say it is a cowards

way out. That Bull it takes nerves to realise theres no way out but to end the life.

Some people also say its selfish to kill yourself because it leaves the burden on the living. I say it selfish to want someone even a

loved one to stay alive through the hell they are going through just because you would miss them. I have experience with suicide at

least thoughts that is. So I know what I am talking about waking up everyday hoping it would be your last or at least hoping you

have to nerve to slit your throat or hang.. I haven't done as you can see but many times through my life I have thought about it and

if I wasn't a coward I would have done it but I couldn't get myself to do the act but realised that there are still ways to lessen my life.

I am obese not by chance but by choice. I want to die but I cant get myself to slit my wrist or shoot myself so I do the only way I

know and I am killing myself through obesity which will take time but eventually due it

From/About Movies

Humanity will never have peace. Option 1 Eliminate the problem 2: Sit back and Relax

Movie its from: Avengers Age of Ultron

Humanity will never have peace because of a couple issues (At least I see). Like overpopulation, freedom and minds to think

Option 1: Eliminate the problem. We are the problem.

Keeps me up at night

Are you 100% sure your in reality?

I am going to try and say this righ but I doubt I will. Part of reasons has to do with many theories. When thinking about it there are couple theories that come to my head

-Inside a computer- One theory states we all a computer program. Which if true is kind of confusing in itself. I mean are we data like 0 and 1s. Or is it like the matrix where we have physical forms. I mean somethings say no but then you have weird occurances that make you wonder.

-Dream- Maybe its from watching to much tv haha. But what if the world is just a dream. I mean theres a couple ways. 1st is the world is just a dream and when the person wakes up we all dissappear. The second is the what if your not where you are, what if you believe you are but in reality its a psychotic break and your phyiscal body is really in comatose state in a mental hospital and you made this worlds as your safe place.

-Hallucination- As I type this I am at my computer typing. I kind of believe I am but how do I know. I see a couch away but how do I know its there. If you can see but cant touch is it there. How does one know when they walk down the street that the other side isnt abondoned and we are just seeing things. Unless you touch everything you wont know for sure.

So honestly if I am ever in a court room and they ask me do you know where you are. I can say I am 80% sure I am in a court room. Because honestly you never know if your reality has been altered


- Stop lying, we humans are the problem-

Before I start let me just say this is a thought in my mind, I dont plan to do anything. But lets face it, we homosapiens are a virus. We spread, we take over, we destroy. Some of us are aware of it, some of us want to stop it, some of us are ignorant about it. Nothing we do is ever 100% good, we use materials, we destroy whatever we touch. You can judge someones character based on how they treat living things they view as lower. Well guess what that only tells us we are still shit, humans destroy plants, and trees to make things that arent mandatory, look at when they protest, its funny how people who are tree huggers use paper signs which shocker kill trees. Then look how we treat animals, we use them in sporting events, we kill them for fashion, we kill them for sport, we kill them because killing human is illegal. Now you could say, but were all not like that, true, but again many are. Now you could also say with education and positvity it will all change. I say one thing. BULL SHIT, I take example my parents. They were hardworking, friendly social people who tried to instill that in me. But shocker I am not like that, I am lazy, selfish and really anti-social. So take that into eqation. You can have peacelovers one generation, but it wont last long with humans.

-Maybe reducing the population would help prevent Tragedies-

(First let me say sorry, but I had to get this thought out there as I keep thinking about it)

WIth the recent wave of school shooting and the other tension. I know its because of many reasons. But one big one I see is it can all be linked back to overpopulation and stress.  I mean with more people there more choas because jobs are scarce, overcrowding in many places is evident, povery is on the rise, just so much to add to the tension. Maybe loosing a few souls would help reduce future tragedy. I am sorry for thinking this but I just cant help it. I mean for my generation and the past it wont be evident, but future will notice as less people are there to take jobs and more jobs are open, less stress and that. So even though tragedies are sad maybe there needed


-We are the gods of our own worlds-

Whether we like to or not, whether were aware of it or not, we each control our own lives. Well at least 90% of the time. (I am no counting crimes, or illness because then we loose control) but any other we are in control we are gods of our own world. We create our present we create our past, we create our future. We control what we do. Whether we are upstanding citizens or violant anarchy hellblazers we for a good part control what we do. Lets take prison for instance prisoner are still in control of there lives. They can either choose to go with the flow and take the punishment, or rebel but then the guards who control there own lives go against. So everything is based on choice and thus we are gods. So if you ever feel worthless or without power just remember your world is created because of you, that is powerful.

-Mentality does play a role in how our lives go-

Mentality does play a role. I know many are thinking no shit sherlock but many also dont think about it when they complain about life.  Mentality plays a role because its a filter how we access whats going on. Now I know some scenarios are worse to be happy in like if your being abused, or worse. Ok I get that. But a majority of time being positive attracts positive being positive creates positive. Me I am a depressed bastard. Which is well not the main reason but one why I view my life a crap. Not in abuse just in I am lazy and it shows. I def know if I was in a positive mood hell even mental break of positive I would view my life better and it may be better. So it really does help. Like when stressed just take a moment smile and sometimes it helps ease the pressure



-Freedom isnt good for the masses-

-Corruption is inevitable-


-Being healthy doesnt mean happiness or Immortality-

-Dont Pay Doctors when sick, pay them when well-

-Arent we all technically Dying-

-My thoughts/experience with Suicide and Suicidal thoughts-

-Health Care: Obamacare-

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-Human will never have peace (Avengers Age of Ultron)-

-Are you 100% sure of reality


-Humans are the problem-

-Maybe reducing the population would help prevent Tragedies-


-We are the gods of our own worlds-

-Mentality does play a role in how our lifes go-


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